small town poker tour reports that the "Small Town Poker Tour" has been announced, and is in the progress of putting together their tour dates for the to-be-televised tournament.

The STPT will travel across the United States, putting on a series of charity tournaments, in an attempt to find America's number one amateur poker player. Tournament Director Matt Savage will oversee, and the tournaments will be filmed for T.V. Only the finals will be filmed in a casino. The rest of the action will offer a peak into the world of amateur and charity poker outside of the casino environment.

Go over to the Nominate Your Town page and get Austin on the tour!

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advice for post-beginner no-limit players

If you are a typical "post-beginner" no-limit player and trying to get better, I have one piece of advice that should improve your game: stop playing Ax. Literally. Don't play ace-ten or lower, under any circumstances. In a typical loose-aggressive home game, you will have difficulty making money with this hand and you are much better off tossing Ax every time and waiting for better hands. The most consistent losing play I see from players who are still climbing the NLH learning curve is playing Ax incorrectly, typically calling with top pair against a better kicker or bluffing at raggedy boards with it. At the least, I'd recommend you really analyze your Ax hands and figure out why you are losing with them.

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lone star charity tournament

Lone Star Poker, a group who apparently runs various well-publicized poker games in Dallas, is running a charity tournament this weekend.


Come Join us on Saturday, August 20th at 6 p.m. at the Dallas Marriott Hotel Las Colinas.

223 West Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, Texas (972) 831-0000

Contact: David Scoggins (972) 270-5448, or Dawna Kim (972) 381-2775,



  • $10,000 worth of prizes including a plasma TV

  • Trip to Vegas

  • Golf rounds

  • Spa paks

  • Top 20 finishers win prizes!
  • Link (thanks, Georgina!)

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    google australia under investigation

    Google Australia is under investigation for breaking Australian law by allowing online casino advertising.

    Although Google Australia does not directly list links to poker and gambling advertising when someone uses common terms such as poker, or gambling during a search, it has not cracked down on listings that appear if a user misspells the search term.
    Link to a story, and long Slashdot thread here.

    At the same time, both Canada and the US are starting to pay attention to the ads by the free-money sites run by Party Poker and others in media where online gambling advertising is not allowed.

    The media hype around stories like this always exceeds the legislature's ability to act quickly and decisively, but it does seem as if anti-gambling sentiments are more prevalent among lawmakers lately than any concerted moves to legalize and regulate.

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    reader comments

    A couple recent reader questions and comments. SHSPOKERKING writes:

    I have no idea, can anyone help him out with the answer? (And if not, can anyone help him find the caps lock key?)

    Over two years ago I posted about Jeffrey Trauman, the professional online sports gambler who got busted after reporting his winnings to the IRS, thus becoming the first person in the US to be charged and convicted of online gambling. Daren posted this interesting comment on that post this week:

    I know Jeff personally, although I haven't spoken with him for 4 years. He actually didn't know that online gambling was illegal in ND. In addition to that, he reasoned that what he was doing was not immoral since he was playing the middles and therefore he was guaranteed of winning. This assurance of return, to him, meant that he was not taking a chance on losing him money. Jeff is a good guy, but I caution anyone who gambles because of the addictive power involved.
    Thanks for the post Daren, interesting follow-up.

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    slot machines fund texas governor race

    But probably not in the way you think -- Kinky Friedman is definitely exploring alternative means of funding in his bid for Texas governor.

    Friedman responded, "You have no idea how lucky I am."

    The candidate was at Harrah's in New Orleans last weekend and hit a progressive jackpot on a slot machine. For the uninitiated, that's three rows of double stars.

    Friedman won $45,612.

    According to our source, Friedman's quote was, "It's a sign from the Lord."

    Friedman reportedly deposited $40,000 into his campaign account today.

    Via Harvey Kronberg's The Quorum Report (Thanks, Mark!)

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    Am I weird for wanting to move to Texas just so I can vote for Kinky Friedman? He is just too cool... have you read his mystery novels? I highly recommend Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola to the uninitiated.

    Any other thoughts on The Kinkstah from a resident Texan?

    :: by CaptFreeman on August 18, 2005 09:49 AM ::

    I moved from Austin a few months ago, but really wanted to be in Texas to vote for Kinky. Maybe I'm going to have to move back.

    :: by muenzer on August 18, 2005 05:35 PM ::

    I have read three or four Kinky Friedman novels and really enjoyed them, but quite frankly I have such disdain for city and state politics that I haven't even looked at what his platform is.

    :: by jeremy on August 19, 2005 12:47 AM ::

    underplaying "dirty reads" in no-limit holdem

    I'm not sure if it's a weakness in my game or not, but I often find that when I'm heavily in the zone at a no-limit game, and have a very good feel for where my opponents are on most hands I'm in, I sometimes get in a hand where I have a very good hand, but underplay it because I don't have a good feel for where my opponents are in that hand. It's hard to describe why, but sometimes I'll have a very solid hand, but if I don't have a good read one way or the other on an opponent I'm otherwise reading well, I'll be very reluctant to bet it. I don't consider it a huge weakness in my game because generally when this happens my opponent is weak and would be unlikely to call big bets or raises anyway. Here's my latest real-life example:

    I'm in late position with A9 diamonds in a $1-2 game, and raise one limper to $8. Big blind and limper, both players I've got a pretty good read lock on, call. Flop comes A-8-3 rainbow. Both check it to me, and I don't feel weakness in the first player's check -- but it's kind of a dirty read and I don't have him on a set or the like, I just don't really feel good putting him strong or weak. In this situation I should almost certainly bet, but I've already thought too long about player 1 and so I terminate my tell by checking. Turn comes a 9, giving me two pair, and both players check to me again, but again something about player 1's check again has me confused and so again I think for a little too long, and then check a second time. River comes a Q, first player bets $15, a much lower bet than he would bet under either a steal or a good hand against other good hands. Player 2 folds, and I just call, and he flips over just a queen.

    I clearly played the hand poorly, yet I don't feel too bad about it, because I probably couldn't have gotten any more money than I did, and I generally play in games where waiting until I do feel a lock is profitably possible.

    I guess what I'm describing is getting out of my element in a hand because I feel like I have an absence of a read that I should otherwise have. Can anyone point me to any articles about similar concepts? I can't recall any real analysis of something like this -- is it bad, is it good, how do you treat situations when you have dirty reads in general. I feel like even though on its own I played the hand above sub-optimally, underplaying those hands in a game where I frequently have very good reads is better than overplaying them; if I have a solid read 50% of the time, it probably pays to be even more conservative when I'm not sure where I stand.

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    rock paper scissors

    Due to the recent relocation of an old poker buddy back to Austin, I've found myself playing a lot more rock paper scissors lately. I'm always somewhat surprised at how little penetration RPS has among the other people I play poker with; I think RPS is a game that has a natural appeal to anyone who enjoys poker.

    If you share my interest in RPS you may already know that the 2005 RPS championship date has been announced -- October 22nd, 2005 in Toronto.

    It also seems the folks at the World RPS Society have been busy. I'm definitely looking forward to RPS: The Film, which hopefully will be coming out soon. The trailer is a must see if you have not checked it out.

    And if you live in Seattle you must check this out.

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